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Smart Swipe Solutions provides a logical solution for cashless transactions to employers and employees throughout the business environment. We provide a total solution from the deposit and payment of a transaction to the settlement of that transaction throughout the entire cycle – from employee / employer registrations to entity settlements within the business environment.

Reduce the administrative and cost burden associated with the collection and management of all cash coming into your business. Our effective card payment solution enables multiple business entities within your business to operate cashless. Our system is designed to afford users the opportunity and convenience to transact with a single payment card and avoid the current “over the counter” cash purchases so prominent in businesses today. Users are able to monitor all transactions, deposits and balances on line with real time reporting.

Smart Swipe Solutions has 5 individual point of sale modules built into assist in removing cash from the premises.

* Canteen Point of Sale Module
* Stationary Point of Sale Module
* Uniforms / Clothing Point of Sale Module
* Transport Point of Sale Module
* Other Point of Sale Module

Key benefits implementing the Smart Swipe Solution within your business :

• Reduced cash on premises increases safety for all
• Increased business efficiencies by speeding up the overall process
• Increased user satisfaction
• Saving on cash deposit fees (all banking fees)
• Secure payment and settlement process
• Improves resource planning for canteen
• Prevents wastage as users can pre-order
• Reduced queuing times
• On line real-time reporting
• Stock control and management
• Eliminates human errors in accounting
• Reduced administrative work
• One card all purchases
• Convenience
The solution is fully administered by Smart Swipe Solutions allowing you to concentrate on your business.

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