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Student Payment Card

This card is the user's “TICKET” to purchase at the tuck-shop without the need to carry cash. Our cashless card system allows users and entities to benefit by removing cash from the premises. The system is simple and easy to use and parents are able to “monitor” student transactions at school, “pre-order” meals, stationery and uniforms, alert the tuck-shop of any “allergies” the student may have, “set daily limits” on spend and even pay for tours, casual days, school photographs and more – the list is simply endless.

Each user will be issued with a card to be used at the various outlets within the environment as well as any other entity where the Smart Swipe Solution system is operational.

By implementing the payment card you reduce the amount of cash entering the premises therefore providing a safer environment for all. Our Card is encrypted with 2 levels of security specific to the individual user and a third level of security is brought in with the user ID photo being displayed during the transaction process, preventing unauthorized persons from trying to make a sale.

Users will benefit from the following features

• Allows users to transact within the environment without the need to carry cash.
• It is competitively priced to keep initial cost to a minimum.
• Its user friendly and easy to use.
• Fully administered by Smart Swipe Solutions.
• It is unique in that you can use the card at any facility or school where the Smart Swipe Solutions system is implemented.

Entities will benefit from the following features

• Reduced Cash on the premises
• Increased safety
• Comprehensive Stock Control Solution
• Reduced cashing up procedures
• Increased turnaround times
• Improved throughput of sales
• Transactional monitoring and control
• Pre-ordering facilities and low balance alerts
• Secure Payment and Settlement process

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