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Smart Swipe Solutions provides estates in South Africa with a system to operate cash free environments by means of a payment card. Our aim is to keep life simple by providing convenience and safety for the users and suppliers within the borders of the estate.


Residents are issued with a payment card which enables them to transact at the various outlets without the need of carrying cash on them.

As a resident we assume that you would make use the facilities provided on/within the estate – Whether it be at the bar, Restaurant, Pro shop, Gym, Hair salon, day spa, dry cleaners, convenience store, car wash etc. - what could be more convenient than just one card to purchase at all these outlets.

Residents and families can set budgets and manage hard earned funds in an appropriate manner, do pre-orders on line, monitor and control all spend. No more having heaps of receipts filling your wallet – pull your statements on line in real time Suppliers benefit by receiving orders in advance which will improve planning and reduce wastage. Stock levels, stock movement and re-order quantities are monitored by this solution to improve efficiencies. The administrative and cost burden associated with the collection and management of cash will be reduced.

By reducing the amount of cash entering the premises you provide a safer environment for all staff and residents and you remove the temptation for criminals to prosper.

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Cashless Point of Sale
Asset Control Register
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