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How do I make a payment onto the card?
Simply logon to your bank and do an EFT to us. You DO NOT have to be in the online profile to make a deposit.
Bank: Nedbank
Account Name: Smart Swipe Solutions (Pty) Ltd
Account Number: 1021774545
Branch Code: 198765
Bank Reference: (10 digit card number)

What is the process if I have lost my card?
1. Call or email us with the users name, the entity you attending and your card number so that we can in-activate the card immediately
2. Make a decision whether to order a new card immediately or wait a day or two to see if the card re-surfaces.
3. If you decide to wait a day or two and you find the card - phone or email us and all we do is re-instate that card as active allowing you to go use it again.
4. If you decide to wait a day or two and you don't find the card - phone or email us and we then have a new card issued.

Please remember we charge R50.00 as a lost card fee.

What forms of payment do you accept?
Currently we only accept EFT transactions and cash deposits to our Nedbank current account. If you deposit cash into our bank account a cash deposit fee is charged as per our bank fees. With either EFT or cash deposits you have to insert your 10 digit card number found on the front of the card into the reference field to ensure the funds are credited you your payment card without delay.

Can other people make payments into my account?
Anyone can make payment into the users account if they have your 10 digit card number.

Can I see a list of all the deposits I've made?
Yes, when you log onto the users profile/account under reports you are able to see all the deposits that have been made. Please ensure that you enter the date of the deposit as the report is date driven.

Can I see a list of all the transactions made with the card?
Yes, when you log into the users profile/account under reports you are able to see all expenditure on this card. All transactions are displayed with a time and date stamp.

My balance has not updated but I have made a payment?
Payments made by EFT from your bank to the Smart Swipe Solutions bank account are uploaded to the card once Smart Swipe Solutions receives the funds from your bank. Generally this process takes up to 2-3 working days or faster depending on which bank you use to perform the EFT. If the amount does not show after two days, contact Smart Swipe Solutions by phone, e-mail or use the "Contact Us" link on our Home Page.

How do I transfer funds between commodities/facilities (e.g. Meals to stationery)
Transfers between commodities/facilities can be made online. Log into your profile, go to my account, click on the credit allocation button and simply move funds from one to the other.

How do I Log-in?
On the right hand side of the home page you will enter the 10 digit card number (found on the front of the card/ or in the password activation e-mail, then enter the password that you created and click on the Log-In button.

What if my company doesn't participate?
Sorry, if your school or company is not registered, you will not be able to use the Smart Swipe Solutions service. You can contact your administration office and ask them to contact us for further details on how we can help to include this facility at your school/company.

Why do I have to accept Smart Swipe Solutions terms and conditions?
To use the Smart Swipe Solutions system users must accept our Terms and conditions during their account activation process.If acceptance of Smart Swipe Solutions' Terms and conditions are declined, the account will remain inactive and you will not be able to use the card system.

What are the benefits for using Smart Swipe Solutions payment card?
We have multiple benefits for all users of the Smart Swipe Solutions system; please refer to our BENEFITS page.

Will you sell my information?
No, Smart Swipe Solutions will never sell your information or supply it to any other 3rd party. Please refer to our Privacy Policy at the bottom of the Home Page.

What do you do with my information?
We use it to conduct business on your behalf.

How do I know your site and my personal information is secure?
Our site is digitally certified and secured by Thwarte SSL protection.

Once I have made a deposit, how long will it take for my card to be credited with the funds?
Credits to your Payment Card will be uploaded to your account on a daily basis in the morning. It also depends on which bank was used to perform the Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT).

As a supplier to the school/company, when do we get paid?
Payments to suppliers are processed daily between 14h00 -15h00.

Will I get a notification if the card balance is low?
Notification will be send to users every Wednesday where the card balance is below R70.00

I forgot my password. How do I get a new one?
1. You simply click on the forgot password button on our "HOME PAGE",
2. Enter your card number and email address and submit,
3. You will be sent an email with a new password string
4. Click on the password string within the email, - this will take you back to the website
5. Enter a new password, confirm it and submit.
You may now proceed and Log-in as normal

What if I forget my Login ID?
Your Login ID is the ID on the front of your Payment card. If you lose your card or cannot remember your Login ID, send us a notification using "Contact US" on the home page and we will send your Login ID to you via e-mail or we will replace your card if it is lost/stolen. A replacement fee will apply.

We have moved and I would like a refund of my balance. Who do I contact?
Contact Smart Swipe Solutions either by email or phone and we can perform this function for you. There will be a refund process fee of R 42.00. The physical payment cards are non-refundable.

What will happen to un-used funds at the end of the year?
At the end of the year, the balance will transfer to the following year. Final year students can have their balance refunded. Please contact us.

Who should I contact if I have suggestions for improvements to the website?
Use the "Contact Us" link on our HOME page. Any suggestions for improvement, both our website and business process will be welcomed.

Will the Smart Swipe Solution Payment card be limited to school/company item payments or can we expect other features too?
We are constantly working on improvements and solutions that will increase the benefits of your Smart Swipe Solutions payment card.

Do you charge cash deposit fees?
We do charge cash deposit fees as applied to us by the bank, a minimum of R8.00 is charged for any cash deposit made into the account.

I am trying to upload a profile picture/photograph; however it is not showing once I have uploaded it. What do I do?
Always ensure that the photograph is of the correct size to upload into our system, the maximum size of the photograph file may not exceed 100k, also make sure that the photograph file type that you are trying to upload is .gif, .jpg, .png or .bmp - these are the only file types accepted within the system.

Where do I set a daily limit on the card?
To set a daily limit simply log in to your profile, under the "my account" tab you will find a drop down list where you would click on "allocate credits". You will be able to enter a daily limit for the required commodity on the right hand side of the page under the heading Daily limit.

I am new to the business, where do I collect the card, or is it sent to me?
Once the card has been personalised it will be sent to the dedicated representative that the school/company has appointed. You are welcome to call us if you need clarity.

What is the balance on my card?
You can find the balance of the card within the profile of the user, go to "my account" click on "allocate credit" the balance on the card will show or alternatively go to "reports" click on "statement summary" which will give you the full breakdown of deposit, transactions, refunds and the card balance

Why am I being charged a repair fee?
When making a deposit, one of the requirements is that the users 10 digit card number is used as a reference - and only the 10 digit card number. If anything other than this is entered into the field or a name is added to the card number Smart Swipe Solutions has to manually go through each one and amend these so that the system can upload the funds correctly to the correct card. We therefore charge a R3.70 fee for this work.

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