Sport Clubs

Smart Swipe Solutions provides clubs with a system that enables members to transact throughout the club environment without the need to carry cash.


Utilizing uniquely designed software, member cards and point of sale equipment, users of this solution benefit from the following features-

• Quicker processing of orders
• Improved throughput of users
• Reduced cash on the premises
• Increased safety for all
• Overall stock control solution
• Less time spent on cashing up
• Savings on cash deposit fees
• Transactional monitoring for members
• Pre-ordering facilities
• Encrypted cards / various levels of security
• Secure payment and settlement process
• User friendly
• Rich Reporting
• Affordable

Smart Swipe Solutions has 5 individual point of sale modules built in to assist in removing cash from the premises.

- Pub Point of Sale Module
- Canteen Point of Sale Module
- Sport gear and equipment Point of Sale Module
- Membership fees Point of Sale Module
- Other Point of Sale Module

This technology solution will allow all parties involved within the club environment the opportunity to enhance and improve efficiencies through time, cost and quality of the products and services rendered within the club borders, with the intention of optimizing the cashless environment with the club

Services / Solutions

Cashless Point of Sale
Asset Control Register
Access / Attendance
SMS / MMS Messaging
Book Management

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