SMART SWIPE SOLUTIONS enables multiple business entities within an organisation to operate CASHLESS by means of a card payment solution.

Smart Swipe Solutions

We provide a total solution from the deposit and payment of a transaction to the settlement of that transaction throughout the entire cycle - from business and user registration to facilities settlements within the business environment.

Key benefits to implement this solution in your business would be:
- Improved resource planning for canteen
- Prevention of food wastage - Pre-order facilities available
- Secure transactions
- Reduced administrative work
- Stock management and control
- Reduced time spent queuing for meals
- Eliminates human errors in accounting
- Increases business efficiencies by speeding up the overall processes
- On line real-time reporting for users and facility management
- Increased customer satisfaction
- Reduced cash on premises
- Increased safety of all on the premises

Services / Solutions

Cashless Point of Sale
Asset Control Register
Access / Attendance
SMS / MMS Messaging
Book Management

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