SMS / MMS Messaging

Need to communicate with your clients, staff or anyone in South Africa? Use an SMS!
It is quick and easy method for communications..


Definition of SMS (Short Message Service) :
- 1 SMS has 160 characters.
- The SMS is created within a SMS application (Desktop, Mobile device, etc.).

Bulk SMS facility allows clients to
- Send a SMS/SMS's to a large number of cell phone numbers, all at one time.

How does it work?
You can choose to either
- Send the database of cell phone numbers and SM message to our agents
- Stouf will then send out the message for you!


Create a FREE account on SMSimpi or Uniserver (Run by Stouf Communications). This is a Pay As You Go service. Here you will be able to upload your own database of cell phone numbers and send the SMS at your own convenience.

Where can I use it? (Ideas where it can be used)

- Send outstanding balances to clients
- New specials in store
- Advertise new products
- Advertise your competition
- Wish your clients happy birthday
- Time limited offers
- New price announcement
  - Create brand awareness
- Introduce your great business
- Send Motivational SMS
- Birthday party invitation
- Wedding invitation
- Book launch announcement
- Motivational SMS
  - Romantic SMS
- Happy new week
- Naming ceremony invitation
- Prayer request SMS
- I'm looking for a Job SMS

The benefits of BULK SMS?
- You can get your message directly in your client/ consumers pocket.
- You can stay in touch with your client/ consumers easily.

The Do's and Don'ts of SMS?

* DO's
- Ensure the subscriber has opted in
- Offer an automated opt out mechanism
- Ensure replies are enabled.
- Check delivery speeds and times - do you need to set "block" times
- Incentivise the consumer
- Include a call to action in a campaign
- Follow the CPA

  * DON'TS
- Don't SPAM
- Don't send "After hours"
- Don't block replies
- Do not forget to offer an "opt out"

Cost? (All costs Incl VAT)
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