Looking to setup a SMS competition, Fundraiser, voting line, etc. Use your very own Premium rate SMS (Shortcode) .


Definition of Premium rate SMS (Short code)
- A short code is a 5 digit number (35050) that is used in application to personal SMS services.
- It can carry a standard rate charge or a premium rate charge to the sender of the SMS.
    - R0.50, R1.00, R1.50, R2.00
    - R3.00, R5.00, R7.50, R10.00
    - R15.00, R20.00, R25.00, R30.00
Premium rate SMS (Short code) facility allows clients to
- Choose their own custom 5 digit short code.
- Choose what rate they would like on the Short code, eg. (R1.50 up to R30.00)

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